Here’s the menu of services I offer. Pick the one(s) that are right for you and call me to discuss on 0404 839 665.


I talk to groups of 10 or more either in-office or at meetings and conferences.
The topics I talk on are getting case acceptance and working efficiently. Check out my testimonials here.

In-office consulting

I visit your office and consult on your burning issues. My special expertise is the the areas of case acceptance and practice efficiency. The three aims of my in-office visits are to increase profitability, make you more efficient and reduce your stress level.
If you employ an associate dentist, I can spend the day with them and advise on ways they can improve their skills and production.

Systems audit (team)

My former senior nurse is available to visit your office and advise your team on how to set up systems for maximum efficiency. This is inspiring for the team and can save you hours per week.
This program also includes a month of weekly telephone coaching and unlimited email support.

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